About Us

Live Happily Ever After was founded by Steve & Lynne Johnson and Dave Jaworski.

Steve & Lynne and Dave and his wife Susan believe that "Living Happily Ever After" is possible. They also believe that any relationship takes commitment. And every relationship will have great days and challenging ones.

There are many factors that are important in creating a relationship that lasts. One of the more important ones is having both people on the same page. The Live Happily Ever After assessment was designed to help couples get on the same page. And, where or when you are not on the same page, to have open communication about the differences so you can talk about them and work through them.

Our hope and prayer is that you make the commitment to each other to communicate and work on getting on (and staying on) the same page. 

Live Happily Ever After® is a registered trademark of 2xGlobal LLC. and is owned and operated by 2xGlobal LLC and Meta Media Partners, LLC. 



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