The Way You Respond to Your Significant Other Can Completely Change Your Relationship

Most commonly, when one person in a relationship comes to the other with a problem (or even just wanting to vent), the instinct of the other person is to spring into action – offering their advice or encouraging words in an effort to aid them in feeling better. But what if I told you that by doing so, you could actually be making things worse!

Despite your good intentions, trying to bypass their feelings to get to a solution can actually cause more harm than good.

One of the most powerful aspects of a strong relationship is feeling that you are heard and known by the person you are with. In order for this connection to be made, the most effective way to respond to your significant other in times of distress is with empathy.

Brene Brown does an excellent job of explaining the importance of empathy, and what an empathic response looks like, in this video:

The next time your partner comes to you with a problem, a rough day, or the need to vent, try showing them empathy before ever jumping to “solutions,” and experience the difference that it will make in your relationship.


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